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Reginald M Hislop III

CEO, Executive, Writer, Public Speaker


Reginald Hislop III has been a CEO and executive for over thirty years. Currently, Reginald spends much of his time working with H2 Healthcare.

In 2011 Reginald Hislop III co-founded an organization known as H2 Healthcare. H2 Healthcare is a national-scope consulting practice offering health policies, economics, and marketing research guidance. They have contracts with several significant organizations, showing Reginald’s influence on the medical side of the business. Luckily, Reginald Hislop III believes that running a business is very similar to being in a family, taking a more fatherly role in his leadership style. This has enabled him a more personal take on the industry, ensuring his people get taken care of – while aiming for optimal business growth. 

Reginald Hislop III was formerly appointed CEO of Oakwood Lutheran Senior Ministries. He designed a new SNF building with a hospice wing, full-service kitchen, pharmacy, and therapy center during his tenure there.

As co-founder and managing partner of H2 Healthcare, a nationwide consulting firm, Reginald Hislop III has a lot of sway within the company. The company, which has been in business for more than ten years, provides consulting and policy direction to businesses.

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